It’s all go at Scotland Sings!

It’s all go at Scotland Sings! The June 22nd public performance event is getting lots of interest. It’s good that it is the same time as European Music Day and Year of Natural Scotland giving lots of ideas for possible performances. We’ll keep you updated with more news as it comes in.

Our new Scotland Sings directory continues to grow. We’re trying to get as complete a picture of singing in Scotland as we can so if you have a choir or a singing group please have a look and send us your information. We are getting lots of requests for information and we can send the enquiries to this page where they will find you!

There are also a workshops going on. Ali Burns is delivering workshops at the Scottish Storytelling Centre and we have a beginners choir leaders weekend in August at Wiston Lodge.

All good. If you want to take part get in touch!

Simon Thoumire

Inspiring Leaders, Inspiring Singers (MARCH AND APRIL WORKSHOPS SOLD OUT)

Good and bad news! Our March and April Inspiring Leaders, Inspiring Singers workshops with Ali Burns in the Scottish Storytelling Centre (Edinburgh) are now sold out. It’s great to see such interest in singing events! Luckily there are still places left for workshops on Saturday 18 May & Saturday 15 June.

This series of workshops are for aspiring and emerging singing group leaders as well as for people who love to sing and are looking for a great repertoire to share with friends. Ali Burns, Community Choir Director and veteran workshop leader will share inspired harmony songs that work in a broad variety of settings. Back-up resources are included as well as vocal warm-up exercises, mp3 files, and ideas on different ways to use the songs. There will also be a chance to stay behind for an additional one hour session to discuss the practice demonstrated in the workshop and begin to build a support network of aspiring teachers. This workshop is also open to those just wanting to come along and enjoy singing.

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