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Button Boxes and Moothies – A Free Reed Convention in Aberdeen

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12:00 am, November 11, 201112:00 am, November 13, 2011 at The Elphinstone Institute, University of Aberdeen.


A unique celebration of small ‘free-reed’ instruments, including mouth organs, concertinas, melodeons, diatonic button accordions, and Jew’s harps, the convention will be just the place to enjoy the appealing music of these delightful instruments from some of the very best talents around, both local to Scotland and from further afield. It will be a great opportunity to find out more about the instruments and their music. You can visit a beginners’ session, join an elementary workshop, or if suitably experienced learn about style and repertoire at a players’ workshop. There are also several opportunities for informal sessions in local music-friendly pubs.

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