Hi there,

ScottishCultureOnline is a website designed to promote the culture of Scotland. It was launched on the 31st October 2011 and aims to promote all forms of Scottish culture from music to theatre and anything else you can think off. The site looks to the future while referencing the past. I like to think of it as a past, present and future archive where visitors will be able to see what is going on now and look back at the past in photos, videos and comments.

Community is at the heart of and there are 2 main elements

Members are the core of the site. Without members nothing can be created, uploaded or commented on.

Groups are what members create. Groups can be a band, an organisation, a folk club etc. Members can also create videos, albums, music, events etc and these items are then linked to groups. For example.

You have a band. First you join up as a member of When that is complete you can set up a group (which is the name of your band). You upload your biography, photo etc to group. Now as group you can link videos, albums, events to your band which will all show up on your band page.

Question? Why can’t I become a member with the name my band and create albums etc from there?

Answer. Well you can however as a member you can set up many groups. You might have a band, duo, a folk club and a theatre company and they can all be seperate groups with different identities that can all be administered by you.

Also we like the concept of groups as the get all the information of a band/theatre etc in one place. So you can use your group as your web home page and direct people to it. On this page they’ll find all your events/videos and information. From your group page you can also share your information on social networks (Facebook, Twitter) as well as emailing the page link to fans. Also using your RSS feed (next FaceBook/Twitter icon) you can set up the page to automatically update your Twitter and FaceBook accounts. If you want more information on this please contact us and I will direct you how to do it.

Question? What else can I do as a member?

Answer. As well as setting up your own groups we would love you to attend performance/watch videos etc and then take photos, write comments and upload them to the groups/events you have seen. We really want you to help add to the archive so if you see a good show why not come back after the event and tell people all about it. All of this information will go into our archive and when people look back at different events from years back they’ll be able to get a feel for what happened on that night.

I hope this is useful however if there is anything you don’t understand please have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or contact us and we’ll help you out.